I met my first shark when I was 8. They have been my good friends since then. My early work in sharks focused on population genetics, mainly in the pacific ocean but with collaborators from around the world. I spent over a thousand hours close and personal with large bull sharks in Fiji, learning how they think, behave, react and live.

(to update soon- 2024) Our book Le Requin Singulier with my colleague Eric Clua is a comprehensive revolution on how to rethink the way sharks act underwater and their relationship with human. You can order it HERE at CNRS Edition.

I carry the Serenity Project as a way to reconcile sharks and people wherever it’s possible!

I have 10 hours+ of powerpoint presentations and talks about sharks, and given courses and conferences on many occasion.

I wrote Le Monde des Requins for Vizavi, a child’s book about sharks focused at Mauritius island.

I have participated in many radio and TV interviews and documentaries (see MEDIA page)