I developed a passion for the Ocean as I lived on a sailboat as a kid, spending most of my days in the water. Later I did a degree in Marine Biology and specialised in Sharks (Bachelor, Master and PhD). I am a freediving and scuba diving Instructor with many specialties such as Commercial Diving and Rebreathers, and won international awards for my underwater photography, including the grand prize winner at the prestigious International Underwater Festival.

Later I worked in the ecotourism industry as a project leader, manager and trainer, and created a large-sharks operation in Fiji, empowering Conservation, Science and ecotourism for which I am still the scientific and technical manager. I also worked as an independent researcher for innovation and blue economy, before taking the task of setting up a new innovation consortium as the Director of Operation in Mayotte, France. I raised and manage together with a team multi-millions euros projects to develop the island in a sustainable way, find innovative solutions to local problems, create opportunities and use research as a tool for uplifting society.

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