Shark Provisioning

Shark provisioning have been looked at with a lot of uncertainty in the past, as it was unclear of the effects it could have on the sharks natural cycles and behavior as well as on the environment.

Over a decade of experience, research, trials and feedback and we now have a very good idea of how to do it so there has only good sides to it. When done right (depending on species, food, techniques, locations, conditions, timing…), one can achieve:

– No negative effects on sharks – instead, positive effects.

– No negative effects on the environment / ecosystem – instead, positive effects.

– Positive impact on Scientific Knowledge and research.

– Positive impact on Conservation.

– Positive impact on Education.

– Positive impact on Local Economy.

– Lowering the risk of shark accidents.

And more…

See example with The Awakening Shark Dive or The Serenity Project

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