My love for the Underwater life probably started during the years I spent living on a sailboat as a kid. I was snorkeling most of the day, and when I had to get out it was to keep looking at fish from the boat, fishing. This is also the time (I was 8) when I met my first sharks in the water. At that age you haven’t been brainwashed by the media and sci-fi movies and can have a natural reaction when meeting a shark, which is « Wow !  What a beautiful and graceful creature ». I ended up doing a Ph.D. on Sharks, training as a commercial diver as well as dive instructor, freedive instructor and other specialty such as rebreather, and spent a lot of time taking underwater photography around the world. 

After my Ph.D., I started The Awakening Shark Dive in Fiji in 2015. This project was very successful in showing a Shark Dive can be done well and can be good for the sharks, for the environment, for the local communities, for conservation and science, and profitable.

In 2014, I also created SEDNA (Services and Expeditions for the Discovery of NAture) together with Paul Tixier, Kevin Peyrusse and Hugo Braconnier for the project Eqalusuaq, and the projects to come!

Today, I focus on the Serenity Project and hope to make many positive changes using that incredible tool !

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In my early days I participated to some photos competitions and won some awards, together with some publication of my work. This list is not up to date.

Winner in the Color photo category and Our world underwater
scholarship society prize at the 35th International underwater festival

Winner in The Natural World category
at the 5th Smithsonian international photo contest

Winner of both Open Wide Angle and Open Macro
category at the Vision in the Sea event, 2009

Winner of the Burrad lucas Wildlife
Portrait competition 2009

Winner of the Baja Expedition Photo Contest 2008

Silver in the Trio-Photo Category at the 37th International underwater festival

Silver in the ‘Serie Thematique’ Category at the 4th FISMNC

Second in the Animal Behaviour Category at the ICRS 2012

Third in the Underwater Seascapes Category at the World Ocean Day Photo Competition 2014

Commended in the Renaissance photography 2009

Winner, second and third places among several Plongeeonline contests

Finalist of the Travel Photographer Of The Year 2009

Several POTD on the Earthshots.org website

Publication in the Shark Handbook, Undersea Journal, Natural History Magazine, Science & Vie Magazine, the Smithsonian magazine, Nature Climate Change, Rangefinder, Plongée magazine, Aquamonde, Nice-Matin, La Provence, The Sun, The Daily Telegraph…

…and more

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